What IGESS Offers

The Faculty of Economics at HOSEI University, founded in 1920, has more than 3,000 students, and is accordingly one of the largest and oldest faculties among private universities in Japan. Established in 2018, the IGESS (Institute for Global Economics and Social Sciences) offers English-based degree programs in small classes. The annual student quota is 20 students. When you join the IGESS, you can:
  1. Spend the first three semesters at the Ichigaya Campus in central Tokyo attending the First Year Seminar, Japanese, Academic Skills and Liberal Arts classes, and the following five semesters on the beautiful, spacious Tama Campus in suburban Tokyo where you can take subjects offered by the Faculty of Economics as well as other faculties (including Social Sciences, Social Policy and Administration, and Sports and Health Studies);
  2. Study Economics from the first semester, and from the fourth semester attend specialized courses in Economic Theory and Applications, Applied Global Economics and Global Business, and Business English and Communication;
  3. Take basic Japanese lessons at the Ichigaya Campus and many advanced lectures at the Tama Campus to improve your Japanese skills;
  4. Study with Japanese students in both English-spoken courses and Japanese seminars ; and
  5. Join (paid) international internships and (paid) international volunteer programs offered by HOSEI University and earn academic credit.

Curriculum & Course List

Students require extensive knowledge of Economics and a variety of other disciplines to understand today’s global economy. Accordingly, the IGESS curriculum encompasses the following course and program elements:
  • Extensive basic education and liberal arts courses up to the third semester
  • From the fourth semester, well-balanced courses in Economic Theory and Application, Applied Global Economics and Global Business, and Business English and Communication
  • Graduation thesis preparation with supervision from seminar instructors
Social Sciences Social Policy & Administration Sports & Health Studies International Institutions, Adult Education and Social Movement, Globalization and Japanese Society, Media and Social Problems, Film Studies, Topics in Comparative Culture, Disability and Development in Asia, Community Based Inclusive Development, Sport Consumer Behavior, Judo, Strength Training, Health and Exercise Sciences
1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th
Fall Spring Fall Spring Fall Spring Fall Spring
Ichigaya Campus Tama Campus
General Education Courses First Year Seminar Academic Skills (Academic Literacy, College Writing) Japanese (level separation) Liberal Arts (Humanities, Social Sciences, Natural Sciences, Language Education, Information Technology, Career Development Skills, Health and Physical Education) Global Open Program Tama Campus General Education Courses / Japanese Communication, Japanese Seminar, Japanese Culture, Japanese Society
Advanced Course
Economics Introduction to Economics Japan and the Global Economy, Principles of Economics, Practical Economics, Demography, Business Communication Ⅰ, Japanese Business and Economy
International Economics, Macro Economics, Micro Economics, Japan and ASEAN Economy, Area Studies, Comparative Economic Systems, Business CommunicationⅡ, Business Research Seminar, Multi-National Enterprises
Seminar Seminar Ⅰ Seminar Ⅱ Seminar Ⅲ Seminar Ⅳ
Honors Thesis
Elective Courses Exchange Students from Overseas Program / English Reinforcement Program / Faculty of Business Administration(Global Open Program) / Faculty of Sustainability Studies / Faculty of Economics(taught in Japanese) / International Internship&International Volunteer

*The curriculum is subject to change.